Copier Data Security

Keep every copier secure in Kansas City

Every modern copier has been shipped with a hard-drive since around 2002. This comes as a shock to many, since office manages around Kansas City often view a copier as nothing more than a printer. A copier is a complex tool composed of both moving and digital parts. This means that a copier should be treated as both a machine and a computer. Just like a computer, a copier needs to have some level of digital security.

If there is a copier attached to any type of network in the office, there must be security involved. Every piece of paper that is copied or printed is saved on the hard-drive. This can lead to security leaks both inside and outside of the company.

Every system should have a data security kit. These kits include:

– Installation, enabling, and function testing. If the company doesn’t perform these activities, the security kit might not work.

– Internet and Encryption. This ensures that only those that need use of it access the data on the copier. No other person can access the data.

– Access to HTTPS protocols. This protocol means that the copier will interact with the network in a much more secure and safe manner.

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