Copystar 3060 Copier in Kansas City

Our All Star Copier for KC companies!

If you are tired of all of the overpriced copiers out there and need to get a high quality black and white copier at a low price, then you need to consider the Copystar CS-3060 copier in Kansas City!

This copier is also known as the Kyocera KM-3060 copier.  What’s the difference between the two?  Basically it is just the logo is different!

This copier can go 30 pages a minute, take heavy print volumes and run like a tank for years.  If you want a cheap copier in Kansas City, then this is not it, but if you want high quality at a reasonable price, this copier could suit you perfectly!

Before you run out and buy a used copier or a cheap copier in Kansas City, give us a call so we can show you a reasonably priced copier for you KC company!