Continued Maintenance Contracts 

A working office color copier is an integral part of most office workspaces. They are integral parts of the business world and just about everyone needs them to get their daily work done. Think about how much trouble you would be in if your office color copier would suddenly breakdown. It can throw a wrench into your day, or even week, which is why we suggest getting a continued maintenance contract.

Having a continued maintenance contract means that you have the peace of mind in knowing that one of our certified technicians will be there to help you. We work with the best team to make sure that you machine is working when it needs to.

Copiers have a lot of small, moving pieces inside that can wear down over time. You may not notice that something is wrong with your machine at first, but a technician will. Those small problems can compound until suddenly you entire machine breaks down. This can put you in quite the pickle.

How long can you afford to go without having access to your office color copier? You probably could not go very long before it becomes a major inconvenience. This is why having a continued maintenance contract can help you in a big way. You can be sure that your machine is going to keep working like it should for the duration of your lease.

Check your copier lease. You may already be paying for some kind of continued copier maintenance and not even know it. If not, give us a call at Kansas City Copier to learn more about making sure that your copier is always in great shape.