Color Copiers in Kansas City — What We Sell and Why

High Class Color Copier

Is Your Color Copier High Class?

Are you looking at getting a color copier in Kansas City?  Is your budget unlimited and you want all of the bells and whistles?  Do you not care if you need to buy several, “just so it’s always working?”  Yeah, we didn’t think that was the case.  So if you don’t get to live in the realm of posh excess, how do you determine what color copier is right for you here in Kansas City?

We deal with several brands of copiers and multifunctional printers in Kansas City.  We are focused primarily on Xerox, Kyocera and HP.  Why these 3?

We like Kyocera, specifically the TaskAlfa 250CI,  TaskAlfa 300CI, TaskAlfa 400CI and the TaskAlfa  500CI copiers because they have an extremely low cost per print, are mechanically reliable and have no ozone emmissions to make your workers sick.

We work with Xerox for their color quality and specifically like the WorkCentre 7436, WorkCentre 7435, Phaser 8860MFP, the Phaser 8560MFP and the WorkCentre 6400. Color matching and heavier coverage applications seem to make sense with the Xerox line of products.  Xerox costs more per print than Kyocera, but have programs which cap the cost and are independant of coverage.

HP we work with because if a company is going to sell printers and copiers, they have to sell and service HP printers and copier.  Not to do so would be paramount to selling computers and trying not to sell Microsoft products.  The HP color line at this time is anchored by the HP Color Laserjet 4730MFP.

If you want to compare these printers, we have invested in a sweet printer comparison tool to help you choose between the products these 3 brands offer.