About Kansas City Kyocera Copier Speeds and Warm Up Time

Have you been exploring the large plethora of copiers that are out there? Are you overwhelmed by all the bells and whistles that each copier/printer has? Is one proposing to have more speeds and feeds than the other? Maybe you are thinking, “What do I do with all this data?”

First off, the warm up time is probably the most important part of your copier.

You might hear a copier representative talk about the fast speeds their copier offers, but there are more important things to your organization’s productivity. Warm up times matter more to your productivity than the actual speeds of the prints.

The warm up time is the time that it takes to spit out a copy from the moment you put the document in the feeder, glass, or processor.

Warm up times matter because in the typical office environment, your warm up makes it where you are done printing before the other printing job stops. The warm up is the true speed of your prints, regardless of what the pages per minute specs say.

If you keep in mind that the warm up is more important than the copier speeds, you can save yourself a significant amount of money with the boost to your productivity.