Your Information is at Risk if you Own a Copier

Your Information May Be at High Risk if You Own a Copier

We have to take precautions in the world we live today so that our PIN numbers are not stolen. Thankfully, we are safe for the most part, but people can still steal a person’s identity or financial information. Do you use a copier at work? How about having your social security or ID scanned at the hospital? Nearly every digital copier has a hard drive that keeps a copy of each image that it has ever scanned. That copying machine could have all your information stored on its hard drive.

That being said, used copier often go on sale without ever having their hard drive wiped. This is because most people are unaware of this. Should someone with the know-how get a hold of one, they can use it for identity theft. If you are going to sell a copier that you have been using, wipe the hard drive clean beforehand. Our Kansas City business sells HPs and Kyoceras, and we can teach you how to wipe the hard drive clean before selling a used one.