When Buying a New Copier

What to Consider When You’re in the Market for a Copier in Kansas City

A business owner who begins to shop around for a copier usually knows one thing for certain: His business needs a high volume of photocopies and going to an office-supply store to get them is costing a bundle. Why pay .010 or more per page to photocopy when you can buy or lease your own copier in Kansas City and save tons of money?

Do Your Homework Before You Commit

It sounds simple enough – you need to get a copier in Kansas City. Look in the Yellow Pages and point to a random listing, right? Unless you want to be robbed blind, wrong. Here’s something you probably don’t know about: Copier “vampires.” These companies of ill repute suck every last dime from you that they can get, while delivering minimal service. Unless a copier rep is affiliated with a trusted company, show him the door.
Ask specific questions about price, service contracts, and warranties. If you hear vague answers and empty promises, move on. In a large city like Kansas City, you can find a reputable copier business with a little effort. It will be worth it in the long term.
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