Unstoppable Productivity in the Office: Eat the Frog

goalWhile not meant to be taken literally, the advice from time management expert Brian Tracy talks about tackling your most essential tasks first so that you do not fritter the day away.

In his book, “Eat That Frog”, Tracy writes that you should simply dive right into your work. The most successful people launch themselves into their most critical tasks, and they work towards finishing them with single-minded discipline.

What can you do to stay on track? First, write down or type out a task list and have it printed. This lets you know what you need to accomplish during the day, month or week. You can also create quarterly and yearly lists that help you work toward your business goals.

As you accomplish the tasks on your list, be certain to cross them off. To stay productive, let everyone in the office know that you will be focusing on a project for a set length of time, and that you do not want to be disturbed. This will ensure that you stay productive and finish the set goal.

Do not forget to take regular breaks. It might sound counterintuitive to stretch or take a short walk, but science has proven that staying productive over the long term requires one take occasional breaks to recharge or refresh.