Tips to Finding a Great Copier Vendor

Banner-Copier-Gal4 Tips to Choosing a Imaging/Copier Vendor

Here are 4 tips to help you make an informed choice when selecting a copier vendor.

Be Aware of your Present and Future Requirements

As virtually all copiers/MFPs are leased, you need to have a healthy grasp of your present and future needs.

For instance, do you need to…

fax over the network?
scan documents to a folder?
use scan2cloud?
scan to a network folder?
scan in color?
print in color?
copy in color?
print in various sizes?
use TWAIN scanning?

Is it important to answer these questions before beginning the lease process.

Have an Understanding of your Existing Costs

It will be difficult to make the right choice on a new product or service if you are unaware of your current costs; for this reason, you should notate your existing lease, supply, service, maintenance, and usage fees before entering into an agreement.

Speak With your Vendor

To make the most informed vendor choice, find out how long they have been doing business, what 3rd party software they utilize, their credit background, and how long your assigned rep has been working for them.

Find out About Costs

When beginning the process of entering into a lease agreement, ask about “end of lease” options. Find out if there are hidden fees for insurance and documentation. Additionally, inquire about interest rates, return fees, and renewal clauses.

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