Tips of the Trade

Don’t waste money on your copiers and printers

Keep your copier dollars in check.

The following tips address some issues we often see people missing. There’s no particular order to them other than they are helpful and not the easiest to know unless you are in the industry.

1. Don’t get hung up on a single cost feature. When you buy a machine look at the cost of the copier/printer and the cost to keep it going for the life of the contract (subtracting paper).

2. Check the maintenance records for all of your machines. Is one acting up significantly more than others? How much is that problem machine costing you in time and maintenance?

3. If you don’t need color don’t get it. If you do, it will be used and it will cost you money. Plain and simple.

4. Don’t get a tabloid or11x17 if letter/legal will work.

5. If you work for a large company be sure to let your rep know. Sometimes you will be eligible for “major account” pricing.

If you have questions about your next copier purchase please give us a call.