Save on a Copier Lease in Kansas City

How to Save Money on Your Copier Lease

Before getting a lease deal, figure out how many copies you will need to print. To do this, look at previous paper usage and account for wastage or if you had a copier with poor performance. In general, the latest copiers will reduce the amount of waste, and you can set a target to reduce waste. However, it is better to overestimate than to underestimate and to be stuck paying for a machine that cannot keep up.

Balance the cost of greater quality against the cost of consumables. When not printing color photos, ask yourself if you need the higher-grade print for other applications. If you do not need it, then check the price of toner and how much quality will be lost and for efficiency. While some copiers may seem cheaper initially, you get caught with less efficiency and issues that were not worth the money.

We sell and lease Kyocera and HP copiers to the Kansas City area and take pride in our world-class services. You will receive top-notch expertise that informs the buyer before making a purchase, which leads to the highest customer satisfaction.