Moving Your Print Setup to Cloud

With on-premises printing management, planning for the increasing headcount will require addressing some problems for the IT departments. 

If you want to free up your staffing resources to focus on other strategic initiatives, moving your printing infrastructure to the cloud can be cost-effective and productive. But there are a few things that you must account for before you make the transition. 

What Role Does Printing Have to Play in Your Growth?

Your initial focus should be where your company is heading when moving to the cloud. This is an opportunity to look at many different things. 

For instance, if you are looking to hire employees in the next 5 years, you will need a platform that can automatically update software to assist your new staff in keeping up with the growth. 

Moreover, you will have to address issues like how many employees will need mobile access for printing and scanning. You will also have to see how many of these printing jobs are authenticated as you are introducing numerous employees from different locations. 

And finally, you have to see how digital transformation changes any print needs in the future. Once you have addressed these concerns, it is time to manage print clouds. 

Various data security options

You have to keep your data safe on the cloud as it will be shared on the cloud print ecosystem. Therefore, you will need services such as: 

  • Data encryption.
  • Pin authentication.
  • Port closures. 
  • A system that can overwrite latent data on hard drives. 
  • Continuous assessing and patching of servers and software applications with MFP security settings. 

If data security and privacy are a concern, go for an as-a-service model to get the security features that can stay up to date. You have to go for a service that continuously monitors print devices and does a 3rd party penetration of the entire infrastructure. 

If you are a business located in Kansas City, you can make your move to the cloud right now with quality IT services at affordable rates. We have copiers and printers that can function with security adaptability built in. Call Kansas City Copier today!