Lease a copier

Get a Kyoicera Copier quote today!If your business is contemplating your options for obtaining a copier for you office, have you considered that you can easily lease a copier and get all the benefits of ownership without the large up front costs? When you lease a copier from our Kansas City Sales and Leasing specialists, you will get all the perks of having an up-to-date copier without the long term commitment.

We pride ourselves in offering fair leases that will fit the needs of your business. When you lease a copier with us, you can expect exceptional service with a large selection of quality copier models to choose from. Why would your business choose to lease a copier in the first place? Doesn’t it make more sense to buy a copier and be done with it? Well, there are a few situations where you would be better off with a lease.

If you have just started a business and are low on cash flow, you may want to seriously consider a lease rather than a purchase. Purchasing a copier can be a large investment and oftentimes new business owners don’t know the ultimate volume that they will need to be able to print and copy. In addition, with the pace of technology, you may find yourself with an obsolete model in just a few years. When you lease a copier, you can opt for upgrades at certain intervals, ensuring that you don’t get far behind the times. Give us a call today for more information!