Laser Printers vs Copiers — Our Perspective

Printers or Copiers?

Printers or Copiers?

Have you had a slick copier rep come in to your Kansas City office and bring treats every week for the last few months with the ambition of “getting rid of all of those expensive printers”?

I wanted to do something here call “Truth or Myth” as it relates to laser printers and copier in Kansas City.

Copier and Laser Printer Truths

  • Copiers can be cheaper than laser printers, if the volume is high enough (assume 15,000 prints a month to hit this level at a minimum)
  • Copiers usually have more options and can increase departmental productivity — This depends on the work that needs to be done
  • Inkjet printers are expensive – given you have some print volume (say 250 sheets or more a month) any less than this, it is a generality which cannot be mathematically backed.

Copier and Laser Printer Myths

  • Copiers are cheaper than printers to print on.  This is generally a myth, if you print 5,000 pages a month (a good volume, I can show you how to do this cheaper on a printer than a copier rep ever could using a copier)
  • Copiers are more productive and faster — This is one of those tricky statements…  “faster” what does this mean?  From time to press print to the time paper is out or time it takes to print a copy or print once it is running full speed?

Overall, it is important to know that copier reps generally like to speak in “averages” and not specific circumstances.  Be careful of statements which say, “that technology is expensive or bad”  Inkjet printers, laser printers and copiers all exist for a reason.  It takes a professional who has your interests at heart to help you navigate all this technology.  That’s what we are here for!