HP Laserjet Printers

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1984, Hewlett Packard rolled out the first affordable laser printer intended for office, the jet laser jet 8ppm. The printer, still expensive at $3500 a piece was built for the emerging personal and office computing market. Laser Jet printers revolutionized office printing. The slow, tedious dot matrix printer was soon to become a dinosaur. In the past three decades the cost of laser printers has come down significantly as both hardware and software have dramatically improved. Today many of the most incredible laser printers are still built by Hewlett Packard. Today affordable laser printers are part of a line of large copiers offered by Hewlett Packard.

If you are a Kansas City firm in the market for a new copier a Hewlett Packard re-seller can help you find a great fit for your business.Today’s Hewlett Packard Copiers have come a long way, adding in scanning, fax, Ethernet, and other abilities. Hewlett Packard continues to the affordable Multi-Function Copiers (MFP) which are perfect for small businesses. Kansas City companies will find that the latest laser jet printers are both powerful and affordable. After more than 3 decades Hewlett Packard has perfected the line of products.