How Kyocera Leads by Innovation

Get a Kyoicera Copier quote today!

Get a Kyocera Copier quote today!

One of the cool parts about having a copier company is we get to see what some of the larger manufacturers do in order to help sustainability initiatives.  Kyocera has been an Eco leader for over a decade when they changed how printing happens using long life ceramic drums.  Before Kyocera made this technology, it was pretty rare to see the cost of a print under 1 penny a page.  Now it is rather common.

One of the coolest part about the ceramic drums compared to other methods of image production is that when the ceramic drums are used up, they can be ground down and become sand, more or less.  The metal parts are recycled, but there isn’t a huge amount of metal in drum film because the technology doesn’t work like everyone else’s.

Kyocera is passionate about our environment and when you visit their facility you will see that as they work to recycle everything rather than just tossing things in the trash.  Please give us a call to get a quote on a Kyocera copier today!