Have You Looked at Your Copier Contract in KC?

Make Sure You read the Fine Print!

This article on copiers in KC is all about making sure that you are not getting ripped off without knowing it.  Before you read this whole article, it would be good for you to grab your copier contract so you can make sure you aren’t falling for some typical tricks of the trade when it comes to copier sales in KC!

The first thing you will want to look for is to see if there is a provision which allows the Kansas City copier company to charge more each year.  It would read something like “ABC Copier company reserves the right to raise the base rate by no more than 10% per year…”  If you have this in your contract, it basically allows your copier company to increase your base by 1o% each year.  Sounds fine at first, but think the math through…

  • Year 1 — $150 per month for 12,000 mono prints
  • Year 2 — $165 per month for 12,000 mono prints
  • Year 3 —  $181.50 per month for 12,000 mono prints
  • Year 4 — $199.65 per month for 12,000 mono prints
  • Year 5 — $219.62 per month for 12,000 mono prints

Of course, in year 5, your KC Copier company will come back and show you how getting a new copier would be much cheaper than what you have.  For just $160 per month, you can have a new copier which does what your current copier is capable of.  It looks good because you have gradually gotten used to overpaying.  This is one of the most common copier tricks out there.  If you see this language in your contract, make sure you ask to have it removed or at the very least, negotiate to lower the percentage the contact can go up.

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