Getting Your Old Copier Fixed?

bankruptcy-alternativesAre you struggling with an old copier in the office.  The question keeps coming up, should we repair this old copier or should we replace it.  Most times there are a few ways you can make this decision.  Here is a quick guide on if you should repair your Kansas City copier or if it needs to be replaced:

How Often is it a Pain?

If the copier is breaking down twice a year, it is probably more cost efficient to continue doing what you are doing (unless the repairs are really expensive).  If it is breaking down twice a week, just the time you are losing is going to cost more than the new copier.

Does it Matter if it’s Down?

Some companies need the copier to ALWAYS be running, say a title company who prints out contracts that clients sign when they get there.  Other companies, it is an inconvenience.  Maybe there are other copiers that can be used.

What is your cost per print?

If you do a lot of printing and your color is over 8 cents each and your black and white over 1.2 cents each, it may be time to upgrade.

We can help repair copiers, or sell used copiers, or sell new copiers.  Whatever your goals are, we are here to help!