Get an Itemized Quote for Your Copier

If you want the best copier quote in Kansas City, ask for an itemized quote. It can be overwhelming with lots of quotes rolling in, and seeing one with a price that includes everything may seem like a great deal. Don’t let the desire to have a fast-and-easy number at hand pressure you into signing that lease and prevent you from getting the best price. Chances are you’ll think you’re saving when you’ve actually signed on to pay as much as 30 percent more than an itemized quote would have given you.

For example, you may have a finisher included when you didn’t need one. This could cost you in excess of $1,000. Maybe you’ve signed up for extra pages to avoid going over. Although on the surface that seems like a good idea, you actually pay more. Even if you never use those extra pages, you’ll be shelling out the money for them. So make sure when you’re shopping around Kansas City for your new copier that you know exactly what you’re getting.