Faster Information: Kyocera’s Plan for Simplifying Digitization

Kyocera plans to support corporations and make information flow faster. The goal is to help companies in all aspects of managing information, streamlining the inner workings of your business. From input, to process, and output, Kyocera has been focused on making documentation processes more intelligent and networked. This is what smarter information management will do.

Dietmar Nick, Kyocera’s Managing Director, believes that there is room for improvement when it comes to digital management systems. He argues that the COVID-19 pandemic has been instrumental in revealing that most business processes are not perfect. 

There are a few parameters that optimize business processes. Understanding them and applying new methods within these has been a focus. Finding innovative ways to minimize throughput times has been a priority. 

Many medium sized companies on the cusp of need have been hesitant to engage these new technologies. A lack of knowledge contributes to this. But with Kyocera’s scalable solutions the process becomes much simpler. 

Mr. Nick says that the paperless office is very far away. Their target is to improve documentation and data management, regardless of its present model. Growth comes with need, and innovation drives growth. That means that every step provides opportunity for businesses.

The printer business is changing, but it is not near to being obsolete. What a printer does will change, and if it changes with the times it will become the perfect device for the paperless office of the future. Will it still be called a printer? Probably not. But it’s evolution is still ongoing. 

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