Data Security with Old Copiers in Kansas City

Data Security Violations are not this Innocent

 Kansas City Copier: Hard Drive and Data Security

In Kansas City, businesses that purchase or rent a copier experience increased productivity and profitability. As wonderful as this may seem, there is also an element of caution that must be exercised, for with these benefits come certain security risks. Too often, people who buy new copiers are unaware that the advanced features are enabled through a computer hard drive located inside of the copier.

A comprehensive data security system includes hard drive protection, but it is also much more than simply protecting one component!

There are many other ways that your sensitive business information could become compromised:

• Ineffective or improperly installed “security kits,” sold by opportunistic companies
• Internal threats, sometimes including employees
• Encryption and hardware configuration

Data safety involves an entire system that protects against all possible breaches of security. Any business that has obtained a copier with a hard drive in Kansas City can benefit from consulting our professionals. We can protect the system as if it were a PC or laptop computer.

Please call us to have a high quality data security system implemented in your copier!