Data Security and Copiers

Copier Security

Modern digital copiers and multifunction business machines are akin to computers. In order to manage incoming workloads, the hard drive on these smart machines stores data for future use. Kansas City area companies must take steps to secure sensitive information that can potentially be stolen through remote or direct access to the hard drive. As a result, the copier should be included in your company’s IT security policies. Begin by installing business machines that have encryption and overwriting capabilities.
Encryption scrambles the data and overwrites information to eliminate traces of previous files. You should also establish security protocols that limit unauthorized access, such as passwords, PINs and department codes. Before the copier is disposed of, ensure that the hard drive is removed or overwritten. The measures that your Kansas city area company can take to secure information on the copier depend on whether you own or lease the equipment.
The hard drive may include firmware that may render the copier inoperative with its removal. It may also be difficult to find a replacement hard drive, which may pose a problem if the copier is leased.
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