Copier Utilization in Kansas City

Ensuring your Kansas City copier is Being Utilized

Making sure that your Kansas City copier is usable by staff is critical. A lack of sufficient measures taken in this regard can render the machine and many of its features wasted.

Ensuring that the copier you purchase is not only easy to use and intuitive, but that staff is well versed in all of its features and functions, is an essential but often missing piece of the copy machine purchase equation. Attention to the following points can help prevent your Kansas City copier’s features from going unused.

  • Test out the machine beforehand to make sure it is a machine that can be properly used. Test out the console and desktop interfaces of the device. Make sure all features are sensible and intuitive.
  • Provide a training session with staff on how to use all key features.
  • Create a custom guide with key features explained in simple terms, and have it available to all users. This should be available from their desktop as well as in a pamphlet next to the copier itself.
  • Conduct refresher training sessions at regular intervals introducing new features and new uses for the copy machine.
  • Have a question box or FAQ specifically designated for questions that come up on the copy machine.

Taking the above steps can ensure that your Kansas City copier is properly utilized.