Copier technicians in Kansas City

busy-copyAre you dealing with a malfunctioning copier? Have you found yourself frustrated by the sounds you hear coming from your copier every time you press “print”? We are here to help. Our factory certified copier technicians in Kansas City have experience with all types of copiers and are ready and willing to come to you when you need our help.

Despite having highly qualified, professional copier technicians in Kansas City, it is still prudent to see if you are able to troubleshoot your copier on your own before making the call. There are a lot of things that can go wrong with a copier that don’t necessarily require the help of our copier technicians in Kansas City. 

For instance, one of the first things to check for when you hear strange sounds coming from your copier is to check for a paper jam. The infamous paper jam is one of the most common malfunctions of any copier and is quite simple to resolve with just a little time and patience. Locating and removing the paper jam just takes a little finesse and a gentle touch. When you locate the paper jam, slowly and gently remove the offending paper shred and simply restart your copier. You should be back in business within minutes.

If the paper jam removal doesn’t resolve your issue, or you have checked the toner and ink to no avail, call one of our copier technicians in Kansas City for prompt and courteous service.


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