Copier or Printer in Kansas City

Kansas City: Copier or Printer?

Businesses in Kansas City will often establish a working budget for office equipment, but deciding whether to purchase a copier or a laser printer can still present a challenge. In general, laser printers are used by small organizations that do not expect to exceed 1,000 copies every month.

Copiers can handle a large monthly print volume better than laser printers, but you still need to select an appropriate copier in Kansas City. Since there are many models available, you must decide on a whole range of features. This process can seem tedious, but it is an investment for your business and should be handled with due diligence.

Consider these facts:

• A color laser printer with low per-click costs might still only cover a fraction of the page
• Tabloid color can triple the cost of printing
• Some color copiers have a high per-print price, but they also provide you with full color

In addition, a great service and maintenance plan can make a huge difference in reducing your monthly costs. Contact us for more information!