Color Copiers in Kansas City — Small or Large?

Kyocera Color Copier

Are you a company in Kansas City who has been considering upgrading their old black and white copier to a new color copier?  Before you run out and spend 10’s of thousands of dollars over the course of the contract, the first thing you need to determine is if you need a big color copier or if you need a little color copier.  What do we mean when we say this?  Some companies really only want to do spot color or occasional color documents and the copier being in color makes sense to them because “why have 2 seperate copiers when we only need one?”

This logic is valid unless you really only need to do 50 or 100 color prints a month.  At this point, why not get an expensive color laser printer with its own driver so that people don’t accidentally print all of their maps and E mails in color costing you a fortune down the road?  What we like to do is to set up an on-site visit with you, look at what you want to copy (on average) see the layout of your building in KC and then make the proper recommendation to suit your needs!

If you need a copier in Kansas City, please give us a call!  We have color copiers as well as black and white copiers available for sale or for lease!