Choosing the Best Laser Printer or Copier in Kansas City

It is easy to forget when you buy or lease a copier that you should also consider getting a maintenance service agreement with the contract you sign. The cost of the agreement will be largely based on how many special copies you are making per month. The more copies that you make each month, the lower the price per copy to determine the cost of your agreement – which should include regularly scheduled maintenance by a professionally trained technician.

Make sure that you check the contract for including the coverage of things like parts AND labor. This will help protect your business from the costs that might come with breakdown expenses that could set your Kansas City business back a lot of cash. You should be able to select what exactly is covered by your service agreement. You may want to make sure that replacing and recycling toner cartridges is included.

As opposed to just throwing away old cartridges, you have the technician recycle them, which will help keep toxic chemicals out of the a landfill which will benefit the environment. You can also save the old packaging for toner cartridges and use them to ship them back once they have been used. This will also cut down on harmful waste.

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