Accurate Lease Quotes: How to Get Them

Your average copier lease will start at $150 per month, but with the Google search engines, you will often read a ton of information before you finally speak to someone. We don’t operate like that. Our company enjoys giving our customers a more personal experience, and we will answer your questions before making a phone call becomes a need.

When you first saw $150 what was your first impression? Most people will say that they own a $200 printer and pay just $60 for ink. While they base that conclusion on logic, you have to look at the bigger picture. For example, a smaller printer will hold about 100 sheets of paper, which means constant refilling. Second, you run out of ink more often with a smaller printer. There is a reason that the bigger companies use a copier because in the long term, it actually saves money over a cheaper printer.

While you may have only paid $200 for a printer, you have to look at how often you refill the ink cartridge. For example, if you have to pay $60 every 200 pages, it adds up to more than the $150 per month lease. In addition, that does not include service breakdowns. At our company in Kansas City, we do our best to make copier leases easy for customers. Call now!